How to Get Visa from Nigeria to Indonesia

How to get Visa to Indonesia
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Asia is a very lovely continent with beautiful places such as the Island country of Singapore, China, Japan, Malaysia, Sri Lanka, UAE and many Maldives and many more. On this list of beautiful places is Indonesia and that is why we will outline how to get Visa to this paradise island country from Nigeria.

Indonesia: An Overview

The first thing to know is that Indonesia is the world’s largest Island country with thousands or Volcanic islands. This country is made up 17,000 Islands located between the Pacific and Indian Ocean of Southeast Asia. In terms of population, Indonesia is the 4th most populous country in the world with about 261 Million people while it also has the largest Islamic majority in the world. The world most populous island is Java which has about half of Indonesia’s inhabitant in it.

Jarkata is the capital of Indonesia which is also the world’s second most populous urban area. Looking at tourism, well the country does not do bad at all as it generated about USD $28.2 billion alone in 2017. Still in the same year the country recorded a 21.1% increase in Visitors which amounts to 14.04 million people compared to the previous year.

Now you see that the country is highly visited because of its tourist attractions. Do you wish to get visa to this country, then follow these steps below;

Indonesia Visa Types Available to Nigerians

  • Transit Visa
  • Single Visit
  • Multiple Visit
  • Limited Stay (6 months)
  • Limited Stay (12 months)
  • Limited Stay (24 months)
  • Re-entry Permit (single)
  • Diplomatic Visit
  • Official Visit

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Embassy of The Republic of Indonesia

ABUJA: 4, Salt Lake Street, Off Gana Street, Maitama, Abuja.
Phone: (+234 8166026466

How to get Visa from Nigeria to Indonesia

Visa Requirements

For Business Visa and Tourist check out these requirements as it concerns you;

  1. A valid passport which must be valid for minimum 6 (six) months from date of entry into Indonesia;
  2. Copy of passport data page and latest previous Indonesian Visa or other country’s visa (if applicable);
  3. Fully completed application form, dated and signed by the applicant;
  4. Two recent colour passport size photographs with white background;
  5. Travel itinerary. A reservation of airline ticket will suffice when submitting the application. The original confirmed ticket will have to be shown when collecting the visa;
  6. Clearance certificate from NDLEA (for fresh passport/first traveller);
  7. Introduction letter from applicant’s company explaining its business activities, applicant’s position in the company, the purpose of travel, and who will bear the expenses of the visit;
  8. If the visit is to attend trade fair, applicant must be able to show convincing documentation about the trade fair and its connection to applicant’s business activities. Applicant should also provide the proof of the registration and/or payment of participation (if applicable);
  9. Original and copy invitation letter from Indonesian counterpart clearly stated the purpose of the trip.
    Valid recent tax clearance certificate of the company.
    Original and stamped Memorandum of Articles of Association of the company or the original and copy of Certificate of Incorporation;
  10. Evidence of sufficient funds to maintain one’s self during the visit (the last 2 months original bank statements of the applicant or the sponsor for duly stamped and signed by the branch manager with value of last credit equivalent to US$ 5.000 and/or traveller cheques).


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