How to get Visa to Belize as a Nigerian

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Do you know getting into Belize is very easy? Yes it is. All it takes is to have the necessary country. Belize is a central American country known as a Vacation and holiday hub. This, however makes it a Visa friendly country to Nigerians and other arts of the world. Getting very is very easy. So stay tuned as we share to you on how to get Visa to Belize as a Nigerian citizen and resident.

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Where is the Embassy of Belize in Nigeria

below are the full details of the Belize Embassy in Nigeria which is located in Abuja. This is where to go when you wish to apply and submit your Visa application.

The Consulate Office in Abuja (Source:

Address: Unity house, 24 Nkwerre Streetoff Ahmadu Bello Way, Area 11, Garki, Abuja.
Phone: (234) 948-360-06 / 08130609533

How to get Visa to Belize

Types of Belize Visa available to Nigerians

There are 2 major types of Belize Visa available to immigrants;

  1. Tourist
  2. Business

These Visa types above are self explanatory. Each last up to a period of 90 days

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Belize Visa requirements for Nigerians

In order to stay longer than 30days as a tourist (not for paid or unpaid work) extension of stay application must be submitted whilst in Belize at any of the immigration offices. It is important to submit an application at least 2-3 days before the 30 days period expires. This incurs a fee of BZ$100. Visas for work, both paid and unpaid, are only issued in Belize. The final determination of status of the visa application lies on the Visa Vetting Committee (VVC) of the Belize Immigration Department.

  1. International passport: At least 6 Months Validity
  2. Duly Filled and signed Visa application form. Please Click Here to Download the Application form
  3. Two passport photo
  4. Copy of the Data Paage of your Passport
  5. Travel itinerary
  6. Hotel reservation receipt plus contact details
  7. Proof of funds: Bank statement  of not less than 6 months
  8. Proof of leave from your organisation. If self employed then your Business registration papers from CAC and tax documents. For a student, provide letter from your educational institution showing that you are on holiday and you will be returning
  9. Visa Fee of $60 as at writing this post
  10. Copies of Notarized documents
  11. A pre-paid return addressed envelope via a courier service. This is when you submit your application via a courier service and you wish to be returned to you after approval.
  12. If you are resident in Nigeria. A copy of your work or residence permit will be needed plus every other document on the list


If you need further information or clarification, then contact the consulate office or visit their official site. The link is above.

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