Nigeria to Maldives Travel Guide and Requirements

Nigeria to Maldives travel guide
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Maldives is one of the finest places in the world and the great news is that fr Nigeria nationals and permanent residents, no Visa is required for entry into Maldives. In this post we will discuss the Travel guide and requirements to travel from Nigeria to Maldives.

List of Maldivian Visa Types available to Nigerians

  1. Tourist Visa
  2. Business Visa
  3.  Transit Visa

The Tourist Visa is not required for a period of 30 days for Nigerian Nationals. If you wish to engage in business activities while you are in Maldives you may want to contact the Maldivian Embassy in Nigeria.


Nigeria to Maldives Travel Requirements and Guide

1. The Visa is On arrival. Just get the following documents to gain entry into Maldives

2. Passport sized Photographs

3. Valid International Passport

4. Latest Bank Statement: At least 6 Months

5. Travel Insurance: This should cover your full stay in Maldives

6. Reference letter from employer or educational establishment to prove that you are on leave or holiday.

7. Proof of Hotel reservation

8. Proof of Air ticket round trip

9.Proof of group travel if you are in a group.

Nigeria to Maldives Travel Guide


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