Nigeria to Mauritius Travel Guide and No Visa Required

Nigeria to Mauritius Travel Guide
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When thinking about best holiday, honeymoon destination in Africa, Mauritius is one of them. The Island country is a paradise on earth. located in the Indian ocean, this means you have lots of beaches to chill and swim in. Strictly safe  to visit since tourism is their major source of revenue. You probably hit this post because you intend known the necessary steps or travel guide to Mauritius from Nigeria then you are in the right place.

Furthermore, the country of Mauritius do not required Nigeria Passport holders to have a visa before entry. Although this is a great news but the drawback here is that the Visa is only Valid for 14 days. However, if you wish to extend stay, you can as well contact the Mauritius Immigration office in Mauritius for Visa extension. Note that you will be required to pay the Visa fees.

In addition, the 14 days visa validity is only for a tourist, Visit or Business Visa. If you wish to study or work in Mauritius, then you will need to apply for Mauritius Student Visa or Work visa.

Now that you have a little idea of the main travel information, may we proceed to the Nigeria to Mauritius Travel Guide.

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Nigeria to Mauritius Travel Guide

The first this to note here is that you must have some valid and necessary documents to gain entry int Mauritius else you could be refused entry at the Mauritius Airport in Mauritius and this means that you have to come back. So take this list seriously.

Travel Requirement to Mauritius from Nigeria (Nigerian Citizens ONLY)

make sure all this documents are in original and make copies each as well

1. International passport: Valid for at least 6 Months

2.  Two Passport sixed photographs. Size should be 35mm – 40mm in width and 45mm – 50mm in height

3. Bank Statement: Not less than 6 months

4. Air ticket round trip

5. Accommodation Proof: Hotel reservations, friends address or relative address

6.  A reference letter from your employer indicating you are on leave. For education purposes, a letter from the educational establish. Additionally, if you are self employed, then show your business registration with CAC plus Tax payment document

7.  Travel Insurance document and letter from your insurance company stating your travel is covered.

8. Proof of funds. Which indicates in the bank statement. This is to know you can handle expenses while in Mauritius

9. Group travel: If you are traveling in a group, make sure you have an evidence of group travel

Finally, all you now need to do is get this documents, and you are off to Mauritius.

In conclusion, you should have bought your Air tickets, go to the airport on the day of travel and off you go. Getting to Mauritius, all this documents will be presented before entry on Arrival. If you met all conditions, then be rest assured that your 14 days Visa will be given to you.


NOTE: This 14 days Visa is FREE of charge. Enjoy and make sure you have fun. It is a beautiful place and it needs to be enjoyed.

Good luck.

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