Nigeria to Israel Travel Guide and Visa Requirements

Nigeria to Israel Travel Guide
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Among the most popularly known country in the world is Israel. Due to its religious history, many Christians visit this country for pilgrimage and tourism purposes. Getting to Israel from Nigeria is very easy and do not much of travel instructions and guide as it is a straightforward process. Just like every other country, once you have the necessary Visa requirement, entry is seamless.


Israel Visa types available to Nigeria Passport holders

There are about 7 Visa types available to foreigners who wish entry into the prominent country. Depending o the purpose of Visit, you will need to apply for the appropriate one.

Note that each Visa type have their individual document requirements. so make sure you visit the Embassy to get full details. However, we will outline the general Visa requirement to enable you gain entry from Nigeria to Israel.

  1. Immigration visa
  2. A/1 Temporary Resident visa
  3. /2 Student visa
  4. A/3 Clergy visa
  5. A/4 visa for spouses and children
  6. B/1 Work visa
  7. B/2 Visitor’s visa

Nigeria to Israel Travel Guide and Visa Requirements

Below are the various visa requirement to enable to gain entry into Israel from Nigeria.

These are the Nigeria to Israel Travel Guide and Visa Requirements for a Visitor’s Visa type (B/2)

  1. International Passport of not less than 6 Months Validity.
  2. Visa Application fee of which is not refundable
  3. Passport Sized Photograph: 2 of size 5cm x 5cm on a white background
  4. Proof of Employment or Business activity. This can be a letter of employment, CAC business Incorporation, or any other evidence of Business undertaking.
  5.  Statement of Account: for personal account just get a 6 Months statement. But for Corporate account statement, it must be 6 month plus evidence of ownership of the business ad must be signatories of the account.
  6. Make Hotel and Airline reservations and show evidence
  7. If you are travelling with people under the age of 18, show birth certificate and must be endorsed by the legal dept of ministry of Foreign affairs of Nigeria
  8. Letter of purpose will also be submitted.
  9. Every other documents supporting the travel. i.e for Medical travel purpose, you must provide a letter of appointment from the hospital in Israel and in addition, provide a letter from a local hospital in Nigeria.

Get the Visa Application Form: or CLICK HERE

Where is the Embassy of Israel in Nigeria?

Address: Plot 12, Mary Slessor Street, Off Udo Udoma Crescent, Asokoro, Abuja.
Phone: +234 9 3143170-4, 6739552, 6739551;
Fax: +234 9 3143177

NOTE: Application must be submitted in Person and Visa Processing takes 14 Working days.



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