Nigeria to Brazil Visa Requirements and Process

Nigeria to Brazil Visa Requirements
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Brazil is a South American country which is actually the most populated within the continent. The country is also the commerce hub of the South American Continent. Making up about 50% of the GDP of the continent. If you are interested in travelling to the South American giant for a tourist, visit or business purposes then these post will outline the Visa requirements between Nigerian to Brazil.

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Nigeria to Brazil Visa Types Available to Nigerians

There are several Visa types available to foreigners who wish entry into Brazil. The Brazilian Visa types are as follows;

  1. Tourist Visa: Going to Brazil for a short holiday or Vacation. Visa number of days is 90 days
  2. Visit Visa: travelling to Brazil to visit family and friends. 90 days duration
  3. Business Visa; attending a business meeting, conference, work-related, then this is the Visa category for you.
  4. Student Visa: Travelling for educational purposes. please note that the details for Study Visa is not in the article
  5. Transit Visa: This is given when you are passing through Brazil to another country. This Visa does not permit you to reside in Brazil.

Nigeria to Brazil Visa Requirements & Process

Below are the straightforward required documents to successfully apply for Brazil Visa. Please take note of each document;

  1. Valid International Passport of not less than 6 Months Validity
  2. Two Passport sized photograph in 5×4 cm in dimension. The background must be white
  3. Visa Application Form 1: This is meant to be filled completely, signed and submitted online. You will be prompted to upload other necessary documents
  4. Visa application Form 2: This is meant to be filled completely and submit to the Brazilian consulate office in person
  5. Letter of invitation
  6. Recent bank statement
  7. If you have a sponsor, then a letter of sponsorship and recent bank statement of the sponsor
  8. Flight reservation
  9. Hotel reservation
  10. Proof of funds to show you can handle financial bills while in brazil
  11. If you are under 18, a birth certificate and letter of permission from guardian or parent

Nigeria to Brazil Visa Requirements

Where is the Embassy of Brazil in Nigeria?

Lagos: Plot 257, Kofo Abayomi Street Victoria Island
P.O.Box 72802 – Lagos, Nigeria

Telephone Number : +234 1 271 0351


Process of Nigeria to Brazil Visa Application

  1. Get the Letter of invitation
  2. Gather all necessary documents
  3. Fill and submit the first Visa application Online. Get the Form HERE
  4. Download and dill the Second Visa Application form. Get it HERE
  5. Pay the Visa fees which is just about 36,000 Naira. Make sure you make payment before book appointment with the Consulate.
  6. Book the Visa Appointment
  7. Submit documents. Submit in person to the consulate office in Nigeria as stated above or use a courier service. Note that if you choose the courier service option, attached an already paid envelope so that documents will be returned to you.
  8. Wait for the Verdict on your application. This usually takes about 21 days.


How to Book Appointment with the Brazil Consulate Office in Nigeria?

Please contact them via Email or Phone number to book a Visa Appointment.



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