Nigeria to Denmark Visa Requirements and Process

Nigeria to Denmark Visa Requirements
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Denmark is a nice destination from Nigeria and getting there takes easy to get Visa requirements.  The process is seamless and no need for inviting a travel agent. Just read below to see the necessary documents.


Nigeria to Denmark Visa Requirements and Process

  • Cover letter for purpose of travel
  1. Valid International passport for at least 3 Months
  2. One recent passport sized photograph 3.5 cm width and 4.5 cm height in color with a white background with your signature on the back.
  3. International passport valid for at least three months after the expiry of the visa together with a copy of the data page + pages endorsed with previous visas.
  4. Previous passports, if any.
  5. Evidence of sufficient financial means to cover all expenses during the stay in the Schengen area.
  6. Bank Statement of not less than 3 Months
  7. In case of sponsorship: a letter of introduction of sponsor and a copy of the sponsor’s passport. In case of a local sponsor bank statements are required for the past 3 months.
  8. An international health insurance valid for all Schengen States for the duration of your stay.
  9. Proof of flight reservation/booking.
  10. Birth certificate.
  11. Marriage certificate, if applicable.
  12. Signed letter of authorization and parental consent in case of unaccompanied minor, and copy of parent’s passports.

If the supporting documents are not presented with the application or within 3-5 days after lodging the application at VFS , your application may upon examination be refused and the visa fee lost.

Further information for Nigeria to Denmark Visa requirements:

  • Applicants must apply in person at the Visa Application Centre (VFS).
  • The applicant will be called for an interview. Supplementary documents may be needed, as well as a second interview.
  • The visa fee have to be paid online after filling the application online.
  • Time of departure must be within 3 months from the submission of the application.
  • When submitting the application kindly allow a processing time of minimum 15 calendar days.
  • To reduce waiting time and to enable receiving all applicants, applicants are requested to keep documents organized and the visa fee ready upon submitting their application.
  • If granted a visa, please hand in a valid flight ticket and an international health insurance in original and one copy.
  • Upon collection please verify that the information printed on the visa sticker is correct and complete.

Proof of economic and social ties with Nigeria:

    • Evidence of your social ties, for example, marriage certificate, birth certificate, official leave letter from university or school (if applicable).
    • If employed:
      • Pay slips for the last 3 months.
      • Letter from employer/employment letter stating terms and monthly income.
      • Bank statements for the last 3 months.
    • If self-employed:

      • Business registration documents.
      • Company bank statement for the last 3 months.

Specific requirements:

For visitors visa, in addition to the above-mentioned general visa requirements:

  • Written invitation from the reference/host in Denmark who the applicant plans to visit, with name and address clearly indicated, as well as the purpose of the visit.
  • Letter from employer/school authorizing leave of absence and original school reports.
  • Proof of admission to educational institute and payment of school fee (if applicable).


For business visa, in addition to the above-mentioned general visa requirements:

  • Written invitation from the company in Denmark.
  • Letter from employer stating purpose of travel.
  • The company’s business registration certificates, giving information about the applicant’s company or institution.
  • TAX/VAT documentation.

Please note :

All documents must be in original with a copy + one copy of all stamps and visas in your passport and 1 copy of the passport data page. The submission of any or all of the above mentioned documents do not guarantee the issue of a visa.


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