Nigeria to Cape Verde Travel Guide [Visa NOT required]

Nigeria to Cape Verde Travel Guide
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Do you want to Cape Verde on a Vacation, holiday, tourism or any sort from Nigeria, then be sure to get the guide here. Keeping reading to know more. Nigeria to Cape Verde Travel Guide

Cape Verde Overview

This is an east African country known officially of Republic of Cabo Verde. It is an Island country sitting at the coast of the Atlantic ocean. The small country has 10 Archipelago Volcanic island making a nice tourist destination. The capital of this beautiful country is Praia, a city off the coast of west Africa. The city is well known for its beaches. Cape Verde has about 539,560 inhabitants and has a Nominal GDP of about $2.04 billion.

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Nigeria to Cape Verde Travel Requirement and Guide

NOTE: Nigerians do not need a VISA to travel to Cape Verde. Just have the necessary documents to gain entry into the country.

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Cape Verde is part of the countries that offer free Visa entry for Nigeria citizens and passport holders. This free access is ONLY for 90 days after which you will need to apply for a Visa before the 90 days elapse

Below are the Travel Requirements and Guide from Nigeria to Cape Verde;

  1. Passport
  2. Proof of Fund: Provide proof that your trip to Cape Verde can be funded all through your stay. A certain amount of money is required.
  3. Passport sized photograph: 2 Passport sized photograph
  4. Accommodation: You must provide the contact details and address of the place you intend to stay
  5. If you are traveling with a Travel agency, the agency should provide the accommodation details.
  6. Round trip Tickets
  7. Those under the age of 18 traveling without parents must show evidence of a letter from parent/guardian.

Where to submit these Documents?

These documents are to be presented at the airport before boarding. Then a visa on entry will be given to you when you arrive at destination airport.



    1. Considering both “Visa On Arrival” and “Visa Not required”,then Cape Verde accepts about 78 countries.

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