Nigeria to Switzerland Visa Processes and Travel Guide

Nigeria to Switzerland Visa
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Do you want to know the process of obtaining a Visa to Switzerland from Nigeria,  then keep reading.


Switzerland is one of the most stable and safe country in the world.  The country is very beautiful and have great scenery.  Its a lovely place to be.  It is home to the Famous Swiss bank,  Rolex and some other luxury products.


Switzerland Visa types Available to Nigerians

  • Tourist Visa: Do you wish to travel for only Tourism purposes,  then this is for you.  Make sure you have a letter of Invitation from a tourism agency to confirm the authenticity of your claim.
  • Visit Visa: If you wish to Visit a friend or Family in Switzerland,  then this is the right type.  You will also need to provide an invitation letter from your invitee
  • Business Visa: if you wish to goto Switzerland for the purpose of Conference,  business,  fare or meeting,  then a business Visa is the best option.

Depending on your purpose,  you will need to apply for either of the above Visa.


Nigeria to Switzerland Visa Requirement: Travel Process and Guide


1. International Passport: Validity not less than 3 months..

2. Two passport sized photographs

3. Duly filled Application form.

4. Visa Application fee receipt.

5. Invitation Letter: Depending on the purpose of visa,  the right invitation letter should be submitted.

6. Bank Statement: You bank statement of not less than 3 months must be provided.

7. If you have a sponsor,  then submit the bank statement of the sponsor alongside the sponsor’s passport.  Also the sponsor should write a letter to acknowledge the sponsorship.

8. Schengen Medical Insurance: a trip all Schengen states must have a medical insurance to back up the trip.  Incase of any form of medical emergency.

8. Accommodation: provide a proof of accommodation during the trip.  It could be Hotels,  motels or friend/family address.

9. Travel ticket receipt

10. If you are in a leave from your company,  it is also helpful to submit your leave letter.  This is to confirm that you will return to Nigeria after the duration.

Where to get the Switzerland Visa Application Form

You can get the the Switzerland Visa Application by Clicking HERE.


Where to Submit Switzerland Visa Application form and Documents in Nigeria

After filling and getting all documents ready,  gather all to submit at the Switzerland Embassy in Nigeria.

Switzerland Embassy in Nigeria

Abuja Office

Address: 157, Adetokumbo Ademola Crescent Wuse II, Abuja.

Phone Number: (+234) 810 411 99 43; Email:

The office is open from Monday to Thursday, 9am-11am for visa related appointments.

Lagos Office

There is a consulate in Lagos. However, it does not handle visa applications and submissions. Below is the consulate contact information:

Consulate General of Switzerland

Address: 15 Onisiwo Road, Ikoyi, Lagos



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