Nigeria to France Travel Guide and Visa Process

Nigeria to France Travel Guide

In this article we shall outline the guide for France Visa for Nigerian Nationals who wish to travel to the European country. Please go through the visa requirements properly because any omission will hinder your movement.

France Visa Types Available to Nigerians in Nigeria.

There are about 8 France Visa types available to Nigerians and other countries. These visa types are categorized according to the intent of the Traveler. We will outline them out and explain what each are for;

1. Business Visa: going for a summit, business meeting, fare, or any other form of business related purposes, then the Business Visa is the type that is applied for. The visa covers just the time frame of the intended purpose

2. Tourism Visa

3. Invitation Visa: Family or Friends invitation into France. This is the Visa for such purpose. Note that a letter of invitation is expected to be submitted when applying for the Visa in Nigeria

4. Sports Competition Visa

5. Medical Visa

6. Religious Purpose Visa

7. Transit Visa: Transit Visa is a visa issued to people who are moving from one country to another country and wish to pass through the territory of the country. In this case, if you wish to pass through the Territory of the Republic of France, then you have to apply for the transit Visa.

8. Airport Transit Visa: This type of visa is given to people who are stopping by in a France Airport and still boarding another flight to another country. Therefore, the Visa is given to cover the waiting period of in the Airport. The person is not allowed to leave the airport.


France Visa Requirement and Travel Guide in Nigeria

These are the France Visa requirements, travel guide for Nigeria Applicants;

  1. Nigerian International passport: valid for at least 6 Months
  2. Visa Application Form: Duly filled and signed where necessary
  3. A letter of invitation: Depending on the purpose, you will need to submit a letter of invitation from the sponsor, family, friend or organisation.
  4. Proof of Wages or Salary: This should be addressed to the French Consulate for those who are applying for employment Visa
  5. An original letter from applicant’s institution addressed to the France Consulate confirming status/attendance and duration of the course studies.
  6. Proof of Hotel Reservation
  7. Bank Statement: Not less than 3 Months of the Bank statement of account. A copy will do.
  8. Visa Application fee: Aside service Charge, the France Visa application Fee is about 60 Euro which is about 21,000 naira to 22,000 Naira depending on the exchange rate
  9. Travel visa insurance: A proof that the travel to France has been insured by the applicant in a recognized Insurance service company.
  10. Proof of accommodation: Depending on the purpose, you will need to provide evidence of accommodation.

If the applicant is below the age of 18 years, he/she must provide the following documents:

  • A copy of the birth certificate
  • A consent letter from Parents
  • Passport copy of the parent. A letter of consent is to be provided, otherwise National identity card.

Now that the Visa requirements have been outlined, you will need to know where to apply and submit all Documents. The right place is the France Embassy in Nigeria. Which are currently located in Abuja and Lagos.

Nigeria to France Travel Guide and Embassy Locations


France Embassy in Abuja

Address: 37, Udi Hills Street, Off Aso Drive. Maitama – Abuja
Telephone:+234-0805 949 97 86, +234-0803 958 75 47

France Embassy In Lagos

Address: Block 94, Plot 23, Providence  Street, Lekki-Epe Expressway. Lekki Scheme 1, Lagos


NOTE: Applications can be submitted  most 10 weeks and at least 3 weeks before the applicants day of Departure. Submission takes place between 8 am – 2 pm, Monday – Friday, except declared public holidays.


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