Applying For USA ESTA After Overstaying My Previous Visa

Applying For USA ESTA After Overstaying My Previous Visa
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Being that is site is about travel stories and information, I have brought my immigration question and response for which someone in same position can learn from, about applying for USA ESTA after overstaying my previous visa in the USA.

It happens that I am a dual national (UK and POLAND) and would like to travel to the US.

I previously have two US visas (both J-1), and I overstayed the second one, this was long ago, it was 6 years ago now.

At that time I held only one nationality (POLAND) and I travelled on a different passport from the one I have now.

Fast forward to now, I now hold a UK passport and a new Poland one.

So my question is, what are my chances if I apply for an ESTA?

I don’t have any criminal record anywhere in the world, and my previous I-94 never expire as it was marked as D/S (duration of stay).

Never had any deportation proceedings, nor received any communication from USCIS telling me to leave, etc.

Does anyone know what databases they check against or has anyone been in a similar situation?

This is my question?

I will appreciate your response to my question.



RESPONSE: Applying For USA ESTA After Overstaying My Previous Visa


Note that this response is from someone with similar issue sorted in the system from immigration forum.

The response goes –
The only way to know if an ESTA will be approved or denied is by applying, others in this forum had issues with US immigration and had their ESTA approved.

I would recommend to be upfront and disclose the overstay when applying for the ESTA,

because even when you don’t meet an immigration officer when leaving the US, TSA and CBP share data on all passengers that leave the US.
It is always important to disclose anything concerning your past immigration supporting with good reasons when making a new application.
Hope this helps.
Have you had any experience in this area before please share and tell us how it was sorted.
Thank you.

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