Easiest Countries to Migrate to as a Nigerian

Easiest countries to migrate to as a Nigerian
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Nigerians have the highest record of immigrants in the world especially considering the latest statistics released by US.  There is a survey that clams that for every 6 Africans,  1 is a Nigerian.  A lot of Nigerians often seek greener pastures, education, health and business oppprtunities in many Country abroad.  This is why we will focus on the easiest countries to migrate to as a Nigerian.

Note: this list doesnt carry Visa free countries for Nigerians.  There are Visa FREE countries that a Nigerian can enter without actually having a Visa or Visa on Arrival.


List of 10 Easiest countries to Migrate as a Nigerian

All these country below still requires visa but they are very much for a Nigerian to enter.


1. Canada

Canada is one of the most friendliest country in the world.  It has open it borders to about 3million immigrants across the world. This means that Nigerians can as well apply and get the visa easily as long as you meet require.

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Here you will all the neccessary details to get into this great and beachy country filled with fun and geographical landscapes. Montreal in Canada,  beckons travelers with its French charm and booming cultural landscape. In Toronto, the Art Gallery of Ontario is a vision of Frank Gehry architecture and national artistic treasures. The gleaming mountain ranges of Banff set a stunning backdrop for an exploration of the Canadian Rockies.

2. Mexico

Mexico offers a temporary resident Visa which can only be acess through the FFM Visa.  Please the requirements here for more details

3. Austria


4. Belgium

Belgium is know for Chocolate and beer.  If you looking for gorgeous country with beautiful architecture and small in size,  then this european country is just for you.

5. Ecuador

The easiest way to migrate to Ecuador is using the Pensioners Visa which give you a Permanent residency. Though designed for retirees, there aren’t actually any age requirements to get one. As long as you can show that you earn about $800 per month for the length of your stay, no matter how long that is.

6. Nicaragua

Just like Ecuador,  Nicaragua has a retirement prpgram similar, except that you only need to prove an  income of $600 per month. Though the retirement program is fo at  least 45 years old, but this requirement is often waived if you have more than the base income.

Another wonderful thing here is that  you don’t actually need to be retired to qualify. The government of Nicaragua has a lot of flexibility in what it calls work. For example, you could own a restaurant or small hotel and still be classified as retired. You can also continue to freelance for an overseas company and legitimately get the retirement visa

7.  Belize

This is one of the best Honey destination in the world.  All you need to do is apply for the 30-day visa.  Then you can be renewing till you have lived then for about 50-weeks to acquire permanent residency.

This makes part of the easiest countries to migrate to as a Nigerian.

8. Costa Rica

Costa Rica is a very attractive country which is also easy to migrate to.  You just have to. Prove that you can live there comfortably with at least $2500 Monthly.

Costa Rica also gives a retiree program which you have to prove that can live with $1000 per month.

9. Paraguay

Not many people consider going to paraguay for migration.  The country is a place if you wish to disappear you go to.  The country has a very high literacy rate which is higher than that of US.  They are very friendly people.

Paraguay is very easy to enter.  All you need to pay a fee between 4500-5000 dollar and you can live in paraguay indefinitely. And after 3 years you apply for citizenship. Making this country among the  easiest countries to migrate to as a Nigerian

10. Panama

The country uses a US dollar as their currency.  Though it is not an English speaking Nation but Enlish is heavily spoken in the country.  There are many americans in Panama.

Panama’s retiree visa requires a monthly income of $1,000. If you’re not old enough to retire, a $5,000 deposit in a Panamanian bank gets you in the door for permanent residency. If you happen to hail from one of 50 countries that are friendly to Panama, a few of which are the US, UK, Canada, New Zealand, and Austria, you are eligible for a Friendly Nations visa. However, you will eventually need a job to become a citizen.

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