UK Is Offering 6 Months Post Study Work Visa

Graduate Route Visa With Scholarship From Nigeria To The UK
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There is a new immigration information about a white paper on UK immigration Plan Post Brexit, about UK offering 6 months post study work visa.

Do you have plan of travelling to the UK as a prospective student to study or work, or do you have family members or friends planning on travelling,

looking for employment, hoping to stay and work in the UK, it is very important to check out the link on this post for information of the documents you need to read.

It is very important to go and read the documents, and if you are already an international student and not aware of this post Brexit plan , please check it out and see if is something you will need.

We are also aware that this new programme will kick off in 2020 into full force.



The UK’s future skills-based immigration system –

UK Is Offering 6 Months Post Study Work Visa- this is a long awaited immigration white paper the UK government has just published,

and it outlines changes to student visa rules that will extent the length of time international bachelors, masters, phD students have to stay and find work in the UK after graduating.

The government has also outlined its “skills-based”  immigration plans and announced it intends to improve the current offer to students.

And students who have completed a degree and wish to stay on in the UK to work can also benefit from six months’ post-study leave.

Meanwhile, the proposals will also ensure there is no limit on the number of “genuine international students” who can come to the UK to study.

Also read –


Then it says, we will also allow for students studying at bachelor’s level or above to be able to apply to switch into the skilled workers route up to three months before the end of their course in the UK,

and from outside of the UK for two years after their graduation,” the paper details.

Furthermore, as UK Is Offering 6 Months Post Study Work Visa, the white paper has also indicated that the minimum salary threshold to be able to access the job market will be £30,000.

And at the moment in the UK the starting salary for Nurses, Paramedics, Midwives is £23,000, for Junior Doctors is £27,000 and for Healthcare Assistants is £17,000 per year, all coming below the £30,000 cap.

Imaging, I am wondering how this is going to work.

In conclusion, Please go read this out before you make up your mind. I am just wondering how this is going to work, when at the moment the UK starting salary in health sector is below £30,000 as stated about.


Check link :


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