Holiday Destinations in Nigeria: Honeymoon & Family Vacation

Holiday Destinations in Nigeria
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Whether you are looking for a Holiday destinations in Nigeria, Honeymoon or Family Vacation, we have got you covered in this post. We made sure that while selecting these places, we considered places that will fit all conditions.

Many people often leave Nigeria to other countries in Africa, Europe, America and Asia for honeymoon, holiday and family vacation. But they do not know, Nigeria also have what they seek out there. Though we fully understand that some just love traveling far while those who wish to remain within Nigeria for holiday made be due to budget reasons.

It is vey much cheaper having a family or honeymoon time within the country and still have great fun. There are over 30 places in Nigeria that you can go for fun. Parks, Museum, clubs, 5 star hotels, game reserves, Shopping Malls, Beaches and so on.

In this Post, we have carefully selected 10 great places you guarantee that you will get your money’s worth.

10 Holiday Destinations in Nigeria: Honeymoon and Family Vacation

1. La Campagne Tropicana Beach Resort, Lagos

La Campagne Tropicana Beach
La Campagne Tropicana Beach

Situated on the island part of Lagos. The resort is a reminder of the feeling you get when you goto places like Bahamas, Sri Lanka and Jaimaca. It is more of a do what you like there. Filled with fun and activities. What i like most about La Campagne Tropicana beach resort is the feel of the natural lifestyle mixed with contemporary. The beach houses are built with either bamboo or bricks.

There are rooms in the hotels and guest house according to your budget. All sorts of Nigerian dishes, including some foreign dishes from Africa and Europe.

2. Obudu Cattle Ranch, Calabar

Obudu Cattle Ranch
Obudu Cattle Ranch

Calabar is just a very great city in Nigeria to visit aside the Obudu Cattle Ranch. The South South state has a long history in Nigeria as the former capital of the country. Obudu cattle gives an European feeling because of it coolness, thanks to the high hills and highland close to the clouds.

This place is best for Family and Honeymoon getaway. You get to witness natural beauty, cable cabs, animals roaming free and some other parks and playground within the ranch.

3. Tinapa Business resort, Calabar

Tinapa Business resort
Tinapa Business resort

Built to world standard as a business resort, Tinapa is one of the best places in Nigeria. Many fun places such as Amusement parks, Shopping malls,parks and games. Also a great place for family time and honeymoon destination.

4. Tarkwa Bay, Lagos

Tarkwa Bay, Holiday Destinations in Nigeria
Tarkwa Bay

Another beautiful resort beach in Lagos. Tarkwa is an island at the shore of the Atlantic ocean. This means you need to use a ferry, boat or helicopter to get to Tarkwa. We suggest this place for a party, weekend getaway and honeymoon. This makes into our list of Holiday Destinations in Nigeria.

5. Lekki Conservation Centre, Lagos

Lekki Conservation Centre, Holiday Destinations in Nigeria
Lekki Conservation Centre

Love wild life and nature, then Lekki Conservation Centre (LCC) is the place for you. Located in Lekki, Lagos. Its a great recommendation for those who wish to go for site seeing and family outings.

6. Wonderland Amusement Park & Resort, Abuja

Wonderland Amusement Park & Resort, Holiday Destinations in Nigeria
Wonderland Amusement Park & Resort,

Have a family and want to give your children a good treat, then this Wonderland Amusement park in Abuja is the right place for you. Also Couples who just want to play and have fun can consider the Amusement park.

7. Yankari Game reserve & Resort, Bauchi

Yankari Game reserve & Resort, Holiday Destinations in Nigeria
Yankari Game reserve & Resort

Part of the Holiday Destinations in Nigeria is Yankari Game reserve. Children love to see animals they watch in cartoons or see in their books in real life. Wild life places such as Yankari game reserve is one of the most recognized places in Africa. It is obviously a very fun place to go as a family or as couples whether in courtship, relationship or newlyweds.

8. Jhalobia Recreational Park & Gardens, Lagos

Jhalobia Recreational Park & Gardens, Holiday Destinations in Nigeria
Jhalobia Recreational Park & Gardens

Looking for a place to propose to your girlfriend, or looking for a peace and quiet place to chill to have your you-time. Also a nice for family picnics, get together, church picnic, then Jhalobia recreational parks and Gardens along MMA road, Lagos is for you.


9. Olumo Rock, Abeokuta

Olumo Rock, Holiday Destinations in Nigeria
Olumo Rock

Among the biggest and most popular rocks in Nigeria is Olumo rock. Place for a family vacation and couple. My very good friend got met a man she finally married in Olumo Rock.  Who says is not a good choice for a romantic outing.

10. Abraka Turf & Country Club, Delta State

Abraka Turf & Country Club, Holiday Destinations in Nigeria
Abraka Turf & Country Club

Located in the plains of Delta. Abraka Turf and country club gives a Savannah feel to its visitors with green river and grass. This is highly recommended for family retreat and picnic.


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