Honeymoon Destination in North America: Top 10

Honeymoon destination in North America
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Honeymoon destination in North America is not a new search for people. Bahamas which is predominantly known as the centre of tourism, honeymoon and vacation is in the North American continent.  We have the world Giant like USA and beautiful countries like Canada and Jamaica in this same continent.

Choosing honeymoon destionation in North America has been simplified by this post for you.  Whether you want a romantic place,  forest, abundance of food for the foodies,  low budget or high budget places,  these post will help you sort it out.

10+ Honeymoon Destination in North America

The list is in no particular order.

1. Harbour Island, Bahamas

The world knows about Bahamas and its romantic sites for honeymooners.  But we on Travellerniche recomment you go to the Harbour islands.  Everything about the island screams romance and its the best spot for your Honeymoon destination in North America.  There are low budget  to gold standard hotel rooms in the Harbour island.

2. Yosemite Valley, USA

There are 2 major places you can visit in Yosemite.  We have the Tanaya Lodge and the Yosemite hotel.  The lodge is a resort in Yosemite that offers romantic rooms at affordable rates while the Yosemite hotel offers gold standard exotic services.

3. Tulum, Mexico 

Tired of the regular hotels, beaches,  and other routine like honeymoon activities.  You are foodie but still love going outdoor,  you love nature and want to experience it first hand.  Then Tulum is ine for you.  It is a mixture of picnick and forest.  If you want this type of honey moon,  then take along your Antibug spray.

4. Whitehouse, Jamaica

Jamaica is a great pick for honeymoen destination anywhere in the world.  Visit Sandals beach for a trial and you will thabk us later. In this resort,  all the rooms face the beach.


5. Savannah, Georgia (USA)

Savannah is a place that many who visited rave about.  Looking for American local cheese, BBQ and  wines then it is a hot pick for honeymoon destination in North America.

6. New Orleans, Louisiana (USA)

New orleans is one of the most amazing places in USA.  With its foods,  restaurants and unique environmental beauty,  it a good pick for a honeymoon.

7. Oahu, Hawaii (USA)

Hawaii is one of the most diversed place in USA.  With plenty of food varieties,  music and lifestyle. Places you should look out for include Rainbow Drive In, Helena’s Hawaiian Food, The Pig and the Lady, Peace Cafe (it’s vegan!), and Fukuya.

8. Blackberry Farm, USA

The Blackberry Farm is fancy, and perfect place for those who want to experience farm chic living. It is a good place for Honeymoon because host wine weekends, concerts, and even holiday meals. Rooms and suites which could be a perfecr place for couples.

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9. Sanctuary Resort at Camelback (USA)

Not to talk so much about Santuary resort because this is where Jay-Z and Beyonce have their honeymoon. In essence,  this resort is a great place to be.

10. Poets Cove (British Colombia, Canada)

Poets Cove is situated in  Pender Island.  This island can be accessed by a ferry,  boat, or seaplane from canadian cities such as Vancouver, Victoria, or Seattle to get there. The island offers art galleries, wineries, hikes, wildlife tours, and water activities, and hotel rooms.

11. CasaVelas, Mexico

CasaVelas is a resort in Mexico.  If you qant a place that has an adult only environment, clear skies,  and nature, then this is a place for you.

12. Hotel Le St. James (Quebec, Canada):

We have heard so much of Hotel Le St. James in Quebec so we decided to take a look at it for ourselves. What we found was a touch if an Europeans lifestyle in the North American continent.  So if you want to visit this continent for vacation or honeymoon purposes and want to have an European touch,  then we recomend this for you.


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