Reasons Nigerians Should Not Travel To Europe By Desert

travel through desert to europe
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With the condition Nigeria is in today, there are reasons Nigerians should not travel to Europe by desert, but  some people are lost and confused so many times especially in a situation as presently faced in the country where you are left with no other choice but to say to yourself ” instead of me to seat here and starve to death or watch my family starve to death, I’d rather go trying to get a better life and should I die in the process, I’d be fulfilled to have died trying to get a better life”.

But which would you rather do? stay back in Nigeria and suffer or take the risk and travel by road/dessert?

There are lots of testimonies of people’s experiences , we will share some of them with you so you will see the reasons Nigerians should not travel to Europe by desert.

Here are some reasons below – 

There is a story of a Benin mother that narrates how both her sons decided to travel to Europe through the desert popularly known as (Ata By Road). One of the sons is still missing since 2016, and he left 3 kids and a wife behind. The other is still stuck on the way.

A lady also share how she and her brother went on the Journey, and after they got to Libya, it was hell for them, she was raped countless of times and her brother was made to do terrible unthinkable things, she said they were lucky to be able to return back to Nigeria, as they could not continue the Journey. According to her, a lot of things happened that still gives her sleepless night till date.


More Testimonies –


Another man share that the journey of Libya took him to prison and took an eye from him. It was 10 years Ago I died and miraculously came back alive. Thank God am alive today to testify. If my parents were together am not sure I would have gone on that journey, my son always ask me daddy what happened to your eye, I’ll smile and say daddy didn’t listen to grandpa so he got this, you must always listen to me.


Another also share that 2 years ago, my friend told me that he want to follow the desert route to Europe. I advice him against it but he insisted. I told him to call me as soon as he gets there safely. As I type now since 2 years ago, he hasn’t called. I pray he is okay.


Reasons not to travel to Europe through Desert –


And also note that Libya is unstable with numerous armed group. And there are also lots of armed group in the Sahara, al-qaeda armed group dominate the Sahara, if you get captured, there is no coming back.

Finally, if you managed to cross to Europe, there is no guarantee things will get better immediately, as life is hell as an illegal immigrant which could be for a very long time. There are still many more reasons to think twice before you embark on such Journey.  There are so many more reasons why you Nigerians Should Not Travel To Europe By Desert. Please be save.

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