United States Or Canada -Which Is More Liveable

Comparing USA and Canada
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As my topic today is United States Or Canada -Which Is More Liveable?  this two of the closest Countries in the world today, are United States and Canada, and I will be talking about which is more liveable.  These Countries share a massive 5500 miles border, so there are some differences that affect the livability of these nations. I have tried to put together some points to compare which is more liveable.

And these points are going to be based on – Education, Employment. Health, Security and Happiness.

Education – I will start by saying both America and Canada have strong Education system that are better than global averages.  In America, the Elementary Schools are been score high with a rank 25 out of 70 Countries and Canada rank in top 10 with a rank of 7. About College,  America dominate the list with 41 colleges in the top 100 while Canada have just 3. Then about affordability, the average college cost in the US is 52% of the average annual individual income which is twice of Canada of 22%, which makes affordability in America Colleges much lower. Then College completion rate, 47% between 25-34 years in America complete their education against 59% of Canada between 25-34 years that complete their college education.



Comparing two of the closest Countries in the world today –

Employment and Wealth – America has by far largest economy in the world. The employment level are high in both Countries. The unemployment rate in America is 4.4% compare to Canada which 6.6%. Also, the average wage in America is 60k compare to 48k in Canada. The individual income tax rate in America is like 39.6% compare to Canada of 33%. Then, the cost of living index in America rank is number 18 compare to Canada at 27 out of 122 Countries.

Health – while America have a much stronger economy, better universities, and higher better wages, Canada perform better in the health areas, for example – Adult obesity is very high in America with 33.7% and 28% in Canada. Then, maternal mortality , which is the number of mothers dying per 100,000 live births is quite low in both Countries with 14 in America and 7 per 100,000 in Canada. Infant Mortality is more in America which is 6.5 compare to in Canada 4.9. But considering America have more population, the difference is not that much. And finally, life expectancy is higher in Canada compare to in America.


United States Or Canada -Which Is More Liveable continuation –


Happiness and Life Satisfaction – here the world happiness index of America rank number 21, compare to Canada ranking number 9 out of 141 Countries which makes Canada one of the happiest places on earth. Then, Homelessness rate in both Countries are high with America ranking 0.18% and Canada Ranking 0.44%. Now , Suicide Rate in America is 9.9% compare to 10.1%, which means America is in front of Canada. Finally, the Death By Drug overdose is 195 in America compare to 101 in Canada. So Happiness is impacted by safety and security which takes us to the next.

Safety and Security – United States Or Canada -Which Is More Liveable and with good security and safety, first we look at global terrorism index, which in America is 4.9 compare to Canada 2.5. Homicide rates in America ranks 5.4 per 100,000 people compare to Canada 1.7. Incarceration rate in America is quite high which is 666 per 100,000 people compare to 114 people in Canada. And finally, global peace index, indicate a large gap between Canada and America, America rank 141 compare to Canada which rank number 8, both out of 163 countries.



In conclusion, while America have higher wages, better Universities, low homelessness, low unemployment, and a lower suicide rate, Canada is a happier and safer Country with a lower tax rate. So, which Country would you love to live in?

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