A New Immigration Program For Canada Announced

canada new rural and northern immigration pilot
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Canada has announced a new immigration program in this 2019, specifically for those people who want to migrate in abroad as a skill worker but they do not have a specific education.

About few weeks ago Canada launched a new immigration program for skills worker.

Considering the way I have seen many people that want to move to Canada to study and live in the Canada’s big cities, and about a year ago, the Canada’s immigration Minister Ahmed Hussen, launched a PNP program for student and skill worker, which was a great way to get PR in Canada.




But, recently Canada has launched a new and cool immigration program for Canada’s smaller communities which is named “New Rural and Northern Immigration Pilot” which will help to bring new skilled worker immigrants to smaller communities.

Furthermore, almost 95% people prefer Canada’s Big Cities. But at the moment, Canada’s Government are focusing in the Rural and Northern areas very deeply. Even there are lots of benefits if you migrate to the Canada’s Rural and Northern areas.

So, the fastest way to get PR is to apply to the Rural and Northern areas, also because there are sufficient shortages of workers in Canada’s Rural and Northern areas, that is why Canada needs huge number of workers.

Canadian Rural and Northern pilot launched recently –

The Rural and Northern immigration pilot was developed to help spread the benefits of economic immigration to smaller communities through Canada.




Therefore, the Government of Canada will work with local communities to :

  1. Use immigration to help meet local labour market needs and support regional economic development.
  2. Test a new pathway to permanent residence in rural Canada for skilled foreign nationals at various skill levels.
  3. Create welcoming environments that encourage and help new immigrants to stay in their new communities.

Actually, in Canada’s Rural areas, there are less population and less facilities. That is why government of Canada are now trying to increase the population in all that areas as a skill worker to provide all the facilities in all Rural areas.

A New Immigration Program For Canada Announced For Rural and Northern Pilot

And you do not need high qualification to participate in this program, the communities which will participate in that program may provide you with lots of facilities and benefits.

The reason this program is launched with organisations is to increase the economy of Canada. And now, All organisations will participate in this program and provide many benefits to their rural people and new immigrants.

Now, which provinces in Canada is included in this program?

There are 10 provinces in Canada but this program is currently launched in 8 provinces, soon will be open to others.

The 8 Provinces are –

  1. Alberta
  2. British Columbia
  3. Manitoba
  4. Northwest Territories
  5. Nunavut
  6. Ontario
  7. Saskatchewan
  8. Yukon

In conclusion,

There is already a deadline for organisations to submit application to participate, and all they need to meet up for them to qualify to be picked to participate in the program. Then at the end of the year, this program will be open to skills workers from around the world. We will inform you here when it is fully open. But before then, I will recommend you prepare already for your IELTS.



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