5 Best foreign Languages to Learn as a Nigerian

Best foreign Languages to Learn
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Nigerians are one of the people that migrate the most in the world. They have people all over the world and they are known to be very hard working and smart. Migration is one of the key attributes of humans and the best form of communication is Language. With over a thousand language in the world, one would be confused as to which to learn.

Just as we have international currencies for transactions across the world, that’s how we have various 5 international languages for communication. A recent survey claims that language is one of the survival skills in the world. This means that an individual should at least know how to speak 2 languages.

It’s very important this days to learn another language aside English you are used to in Nigeria. Languages bring opportunities that most people neglect.

Importance of learning more than one language

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5 Best foreign Languages to Learn as a Nigerian

1. French

This is one of the oldest language in the world and according to statistics there are over 550 million people around the world that speak French. This number comprises of 50 countries and counting. Even countries such Canada, Belgium, Some west African countries and Guyana.

2. Spanish

This is another very old language in the world. Used by many countries such as USA,  Mexico, Argetina and many countries in the South American continent.

With over 600 million People speaking it, its very important to learn it.

3. Arabic

By now you have noticed that Best foreign Languages to Learn are Old language and Arabic is one of them. Arabic is so important that the Quran is written in Arabic and this language is spoken mainly by the Arabs and any where Muslims dominate. Its very important to learn this language especially if you wish to visit an Islamic country or region

4. Chinese

This is no doubt one of the language to learn as a Nigerian. The way the Chinese are taking over Africa and becoming a world power, it is very important to see this language as a priority. Today almost everything is made in China and this has made the country to be visited by many around the world to purchase Products.

5. German

6. Fluent English

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