Modern Slavery- UK Warned Nigerian Women

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Modern slavery is one of the greatest human rights abuses of our time and Nigerian Women have been warned not to come to Britain in Government campaign due to modern slavery in the UK.


The UK government is backing an advertising campaign urging Nigerian women and girls to find Jobs at home instead of “risking a life of modern slavery” in Britain.

Therefore, posters are to be placed in schools, churches, and marketplaces in an attempt to reduce human trafficking, sexual exploitation and forced labour. They focus on aspirational stories of women who have established successful careers in Nigeria, according to the Department for international Development.


Then, the not for sale campaign is supported by UK aid and involves the national crime agency and the UK’s Joint Border task force as well as Nigerian law enforcement.

One of the stories featured in the posters,  television and radio adverts relates to Jane John, a single mother who was raped and tortured while attempting to get to Europe but has since returned to Nigeria and found work as a pastry chef.

Modern Slavery in the UK – Nigeria Women Be Warned


In her story, she said three years ago, I was a single mother with two children living with my widowed mother, things were so hard that when my friend told me about travelling to Germany, I became very happy with the idea and he said we would go by road, bush , through the sea, I never expected it would be that hard, as he did not sound that way.

Out on the journey, we only made it to Libya. I was sold, raped, and tortured. I saw many Nigerians die including my friend. It was a terrible experience.

Fortunately, I was able to make it back to Nigeria, when I made it to Nigeria, I met with people who registered me in a vocational centre and encouraged me. Today I am a baker in Benin Nigeria, making enough money to take care of my family. And my boys will not grow up to be ashamed of their mother.


Modern Slavery Continuation- Nigerian Women Warned Not To Come To Britain In Government Campaign


Furthermore, Nigeria has one of the highest figures for modern slavery in Africa and is one of the top five countries of origin for modern slavery victims reaching Europe and the UK.

In 2018, 208 Nigerian nationals were identified as potential victims of trafficking in the UK. It is also been said that ‘modern slavery is one of the greatest human rights abuses of our time’.

UK aid is working in partnership with the National Crime Agency and Nigerian law enforcement to stop it at its source.

In conclusion, they said together we are tackling the root causes of dangerous migration to prevent vulnerable women and girls from becoming targeted by traffickers. The benefits of this will be far-reaching preventing regional instability and helping us tackle modern slavery here in the UK.

Be careful out there, do not let anyone deceive you, about helping you to travel abroad by road. Beware of modern slavery.

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