7 ways to save money for travel-check them out

way to save money for travel
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The ways to save money for travel  will be discussed below. Traveling is one of the major hubbies of people. When you travel, there is a whole new experience of meeting new people, learn new languages, cultures and new places. One of the most beautiful things is seeing monuments of place; which reveals their culture, history and art.

If you really wish to travel whether locally or internationally, it requires 2 things, which are; Money and Determination. Yes, traveling can be a very expensive venture and it requires discipline to be able to get the money to make your dream trip

In this article, we hope to help you achieve your goal in traveling by giving you tips on the most creative way to save money for travel. There are are numerous ways one can actually save money if you do not have it in abundance but this 7 tips below can help make that possible.

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7 Most creative ways to save money for travel

1. Start A Piggy Bank

This method is one of the best ways to save money. This is straight forward. Piggy bank is usually used for keeping money you send unnecessarily and money you also wish to set aside. Sometimes its hard to walk into a bank to make direct deposit into your account. Piggy is a secured way to also save money.

In Nigeria, there is a manual piggy bank and the automatic and online virtual piggy bank system. The manual is locally called the “Kolo” which is either a wooden box or plastic, glass or rubber pig shaped container. While the Online Virtual piggy bank are registered fintech companies that helps you save money automatically from your bank account. This basically takes discipline to achieve.

2. Save 10% of your Monthly income

Usually people have the habit of spending first and save the remaining which is a very bad savings plans. The best we recommend is save first before spending. Once you receive your monthly income, kindly take at least 10% of your income aside and place in another account. you could open a special account for traveling. You can as well register with an Online Piggy bank partner to hel you automatically deduct this 10% too.

3. Start a Little Business of Buying and selling

Another among the list of most creative ways to save money for travel is to start a buying and selling business. We choose this because, depending on your major source of income, this type of business is flexible. With the advent of Logistics companies, delivery has been made easy. Aside selling physical products, you can also sell digital products such as information materials.

Your can easily raise money for your travel.

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4. Stop buying stuffs Unnecessarily

One thing we often frown on is indiscipline when we try to plan travel for clients. What most post do not understand is, when you spend money unnecessarily its very difficult to save money. You will need to discipline yourself very well for number 1 and 2 above to be possible. Not every thing you want you have to buy. Sometimes you need to starve yourself of some wants for the greater good.

5.  Set Realistic but Challenging goals

Always remember that for anyone to achieve anything, set goals you can meet. What are your travel goals and travel plans. What destination are your going to? What is your basic salary to meet u this goals?

You need to make sure you can handle the expenses of such trip. If you know your income can not get your dream destination, choose a place you know you can afford. Finally give yourself a target time. Do not set dreams or wish list but goals that are achievable.

6. Make money with your Skills

Another interesting and creative ways to save money for travel is making money through a side hustle. If you posses a skill or skills that you can make extra cash, then key into it. Any money gotten from this skill can be saved. Skills are many and they can be digital skills, fashion design skills, wig making, make up artiste, gele tying, Writing, web designing, photography, etc.

7. Stay inspired and focused on the travel

Finally, this is very important. Just like setting goals, don’t ever take you eyes off the rice. This pprice here is the trophy, which is the Trip. When you stay focused, you can achieve any thing.

In conclusion, do not be afraid to test new lands, meet new people, cultures and religions. Travel opens the mind and gives knowledge. Most travelers are very knowledgeable because they have seen a lot of things and mixed with people


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