Cheapest Places To Live In America

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Cheapest Places To Live In America

Hi everyone,

Here are 10 Cheapest Places To Live In America.



10. Arkansas

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Rated as one of the best places for businesses and careers.

It has low property taxes.

The average cost of living is 51.4% less than the rest of the country.

It is also known as one of the best places to retire.



9. Texas

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29.8% cheaper than NYC.

A big, vibrant city that anyone can afford to live in.

Also has many skyscrapers.

The city where JFK was assassinated.


8. Ohio

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Residents are always close to major highway crossings and a variety of diversions.

Small business owners can also get a boost from the city’s economic development resources.

Also, if health care is priority hospitals tend to be at the forefront of diagnostic and treatment advances.



Image result for NEBRASKA

Residents tend to make more and pay out less than national averages.

Job prospects for white-collar workers are also bright.

Also with five of the largest corporations in the country within city limits.




6. Alabama

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From a  loft community to quiet, family-friendly neighborhoods.

Foodies are also unlikely to tire of the city’s 500-plus restaurants.

The city’s natural and architectural summits will also provide some of the most spectacular views.

5. Tennessee

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Great food and music make Tennessee one of the best in terms of quality recreation.

Also the cost of living 14 percent lower than the national average.

Tennessee among the lowest-taxed states in the country.




4. Kentucky

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Anyone looking to save as much as they can, appreciate reduced food and health care costs.

Kentucky has also been able to resist economic downturns and keep employment high.

The same holds true for their utilities, which is an often-overlooked.



3. South Carolina

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You won’t experience any wide weather or housing fluctuations here.

An afternoon car ride will get you to major hubs like Atlanta or Myrtle Beach.

The city is famous for its food, museums, downtown district, and strong job market.




2. Colorado

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In addition to modest housing costs, Colorado Springs cuts health care costs.

Outdoor activities and pet-friendly areas keep people moving.

The city is also a quick commute to ski towns that you can enjoy on weekends.



1. Missouri

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Low-cost food and entertainment options.

Missouri has kept its cost of living at reasonable levels for decades.

Gamers might also get a kick out of the city’s rise of arcade bars, which mix retro amusements with refreshments.

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