Student Visa Interview Question And Answers Tips

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Student Visa Interview Question And Answers Tips

Hello Everyone, here we are talking about Student Visa Interview Question And Answers Tips.

Relax and enjoy as you read.

This could be an interview with a  counsellor at a embassy or consulate of a Country.

What you want to study will determine if you get a student Visa or not.

The counsellor’s objective is to make sure you are genuine applicant who is sincerely looking to pursue an application in any Country in Europe.

Furthermore, we will talk about the interview tips –

  • You need to arrive before the schedule time of the interview.
  • Dress in clean clothes and smell nice, but not in strong perfume.
  • Be confident and smile.
  • Don’t look nervous, as it throws you off track.
  • Be prepare for personal questions.

But remember, the counsellor is only doing his Job. So try and get familiar with the University you want to attend and its scope.

Go with genuine intention and answer the questions with confident.

Now, I will talk about common questions and how to answer them –

  1. Why do you want to go to the France for example?  This is the most popular question given to international students.

So it is good idea to give short explanation of the education and research opportunity that are not available in your own Country.

This will convince the interviewer to some extent.

2.  How did you find this university? Since internet is a primary source of doing research on every university, so this is a easy one.

3. Why did you chose this university? Your basic reason for chosen this university should be specific academic advantages. Please do research.

4. Why have you chosen this program? You can give brief summary of your past academic experiences and future plan.

5. How are you financially supporting this study program? If it is your parent, please clearly provide details of how they will,

or if taking education loan, please provide the documents, or if you are working, give details of your savings.

Please note that these questions could be asked in different ways.

Questions and Answers tips for Student Visas

Moreover, here are some general questions you may be asked –

6. What would you like to do after your graduation? You can say what you intent to do after graduation according to your plans.

In most cases, it is preferable you tell them you see your future only in your own home country, to avoid be suspected as a possible immigrant.

7. Why will you return back home after your study? discuss economic, family and social ties.

8. Give a brief description of your course and subjects you are going to study .


Student Visa Interview Question And Answers Tips

They may also ask?

When is your course commencement date?

What will you do during the off period or semester?

What will be the total cost of per year?

Do you know anyone in Europe?

When did you apply for the admission and when did you get the confirmation?

Tell me about the state you are going to?

And how many university have you applied for?

Is the course not offered in your country?

What are you planning to do after the course?

Do you have any company in mind after returning home?

Questions and Answers tips for Student Visas

About accommodation.

Long time career plans.

Immediate future plan.

Benefits expecting from the course.

Locate your university/city in map.

Your bachelor project work.

How many subjects are relevant to your bachelors / masters.

Name some Companies in your home Country or Europe relevant to your field.

But remember you are required to provide honest answers.

Please research the Country, university and your study program extensively.

And make sure all finances are fully ready and easily accounted for.

Finally, after the interview, and the counsellor or interviewer is fully satisfy that you are genuine, he will approve your visa and send it to be processed.

Thank you for reading.

Have you got anything to add, please comment down below.

Thank you.

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