Dual Citizenship For New Immigrant In 2019

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Dual Citizenship For New Immigrant In 2019


Here we are talking about the advantages and disadvantages of dual Citizenship for new immigrant in 2019.

And we would start by asking what Dual citizenship means – it means a  person is a citizen of two Countries at the same time,

and having legal rights and obligations in connection with both countries.

So, dual citizenship is complex and its important to understand the benefits and obligations.

Here are advantages and disadvantages of been a dual citizen.


Starting with the list of Advantages –


1. You will get 2 passports, as it will be great to have passports of 2 Countries as it makes travelling easier for you.

It is easier to do business, visit family or even go to school in either of the Country.

And you will not have to apply to and go through rigid visa screening process anymore.

2. You can own properties in either Country. In some Countries, owning property is limited to the citizens of the Country.

3.  You will enjoy benefits and privileges of both Countries, as a dual citizen, you can enjoy from both countries.

4. Work in either of the Countries easily without applying for a working visa,

and you can also school and get all benefits as the local citizens.

5. You can run for political office in either of the two Countries. You can get your vote twice, where ever you decide to stay.

And you can have access to two health care or social service in both Countries, whichever you decide to stay.



Dual Citizenship For New Immigrant In 2019

Now I will talk about the disadvantages of been a dual citizen –

1.Our security clearance may be questioned – for example,  if you are the type that will like to work for a government organisation,

where sensitive documents or information,your dual citizenship may put you more at a disadvantage.

2.You have to pay double when it comes to taxes. Since you were band by the law in both Countries,

then you will have to pay your due to both nations.

3. You need to undergo a complicated process – for example , if a child is born in the united states to a foreign parent,

the child automatically receives dual citizenship.

4. And in another case if you are not born in the united states and want to get the citizenship,

you will spend lots of money for this and the process can be long. It could take 5 long years continuously living in the US,

or 3 years when married to a US citizen.

5. You will also have to pay lots of money to lawyers to help with the paper work, as you may not be able to do this by yourself.


Dual Citizenship For New Immigrant In 2019

Dual citizenship may come with a lot of issues and handful of disadvantages as well.

It is always best to consult with professionals, or dual citizenship lawyers first, to know if this is best for you.

In conclusion,

Please comment, if you enjoy this reading or have anything to add to this or your experience to becoming a dual citizen if you are one already.


Thank you for reading.




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