3 Ways To Get America Green Card Without Marriage

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3 Ways To Get America Green Card Without Marriage


A lot of people have asked this question many time, about how they can get Green Card without marriage.

3 Ways To Get America Green Card Without Marriage –


So, here we will be talking about 3 ways of getting Green cards without Marriage to a US citizen.

There are 3 common ways, in respective of where you are from, you can use these 3 common ways to become a US citizen.

The first way is to apply for Asylum –

The Asylum method is for non US citizen who have entered the US ,

and afraid to return to their home Country can put in an application to explain why they are scared to return to their home Country.

And if granted, after a year of being an asylum, they person can apply for his or her green card.


The second way is apply for family petition –

The method is done through a US citizen who is over 21 years old.

There are 2 points to know when carrying out this application, the 1st one is the foreign national needs,

to have entered the United States lawfully prior to filing the application for green card.

The 2nd is if the person enter the US unlawfully, they need to be protected under immigration nationality act section 245i

which allows people with previous immigration petition before April 30, 2001.

and it allow people to apply for their green card in the United States without returning to their home Countries.

3 Ways To Get America Green Card Without Marriage

The third way is U – Visa –

This is a temporary visa which allow for people to apply for green card after 3 years.

And people may get a U-Visa if they are victim of a serious crime or have or willing to be helpful to police investigation,

testify a trier or in any other way useful.

Then, they can be granted the U-Visa.


Finally, this applications are most common of the ways to get green card in United states, in the midst of others.

Do you also know any other way, aside getting married to a US citizen please fell free to share with us here.

Or do you have a story about how you were granted your own green card in the United States please also share with us.

Please comment your thought.

Thank you for reading.








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