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Overstaying My UK Visa

Dear members,

This is my question.

Recently I have got a letter from UK home office asking me to leave as I do not have any legal basis to stay in the UK as I already have over-stayer my visa since 2016.

I overstayed because my application and appeal were pending for more than two years.

Before it finally came unsuccessful.

So, I have been thinking.

I would like to leave the UK.

But my inquiry is : if I leave the UK, can I apply for PR (permanent resident)  or any kind of work or study visa to other countries like Australia or Canada?

I will appreciate your reply.

Thank you.



No country just gives PR if you have not got years of residence first in the Country.

For any country, most applications ask about your immigration history, and overstaying and refusals , and you will have to declare it,

especially as you have been an over-stayer in the UK since 2016 and had no legal status.

This might very well cause a refusal for other visas as you might be considered high risk.

Think about it.


God anything to add to this?

Please comment.

Thank you.


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