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Dear friends


This is my question.

Just wondering if some senior members could help me.

My UK  Tier 1 entrepreneur visa finishing soon and am sort of few days from completing 10 years.

Solicitors told me do not go for ILR based on long residency if you don’t have visa to cover for 10 years,

you should apply on the basis of five year on Set O. I found this:

The application can be made in-person at a Premium Service Centre within the 28 day qualifying period,

provided the applicant’s visa covers them up to a full 10 years of legal residence in the United Kingdom.


an I vary my ILR application Set (O) to Set (L) under new system on super priority after completing 10 years?

Can get fees back for previous application?

Response –

What date did you enter the UK?

What date does your visa expire?


Answer –

Entry date 08 May 09
Expiry date 22 April 19

Solicitors told me go for Set (O). He says,

According to guidance –

Requirements for long residence

The applicant must meet the following requirements to be granted indefinite leave:

the applicant must have at least 10 years continuous lawful residence in the UK

Rule 276B 1 (i) (a) he has had at least 10 years continuous lawful residence in the United Kingdom.

Response –

Yes, but there is a concession to apply 28 days in advance of reaching 10 years. So ILR LR is possible.

Many have done it and been successful.



Are you in the UK with similar question? This could help.

And always check UKBA website to confirm all info. As this is just a guide.

Thank you for reading.

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