UK Stock Market Trader On Tier One Entrepreneur Visa

UK Stock Market Trader On Tier One Entrepreneur Visa


Hello Everyone,

I have got another immigration forum question and responses for any of you thinking of similar way to relocate to the UK on Entrepreneur Visa.

Question –

Hi guys,

I have got an investor that want to invest in my sole fund business in the amount of – £250K worth of his investment,

In which I will trade on as a hedge fund in Russia.

I was wondering if I could use this to enter the UK on Tier 1 entrepreneur Visa?

This £250K would be used for trading in stock market. Thanks


Responses –

So it is not your money but someone elses??

The requirement for Tier 1 Entrepreneur is to start a business or join an existing business and create employment.

And clearly you cannot use your client’s money to get a Tier 1E visa, it must be invested in your business under YOUR NAME.

Maybe you should ask your lawyers to educate you on the extensive documentary evidence required from you to to prove this

(as apparently you are not even willing to read the official Tier 1E visa guide) before giving them thousands of pounds for their expert services.

And again –

The money you need has to be YOUR money that you own, have earned, found under a rock, won in the casino.

It can not be someone’s else’s money that they gave you to invest on their behalf.

This is the point you are failing to take into account.

The Home Office don’t just tick a box – £250k in the bank, sorted.

Furthermore, you have to prove it is your money, how you earned it, inherited it, won it or whatever and that will include tax returns,

sale of land docs or any documents that show how you came to have that amount.

Being given it to invest from a third party does not meet the criteria.

Between there are a few unscrupulous immigration lawyers / advisers that will tell you what you want to hear because grant or refusal they still get paid.

No one is stopping you from applying – we have no vest interest weather you get a visa or not.

This is the response got on the question above.

Hope this helps someone out there.

For more information about this entrepreneur tier 1 please check the link.


Thank you for reading.

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