Why Asylum Seekers Use The US As Route To Canada

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Why Asylum Seekers Use The US As Route To Canada

There is a lot of reason why Asylum Seekers use the US  as route to Canada.


First of all, because of the problems they face in there Countries they decide to find a way to move to America, when they get to America,


they do not stay there long,  because they came to the US with tourist VISA, then they move to Brussels so they can cross illegally to Canada.


The US authority confirm truly these people do not stay long in America because of the way the immigration in America is tightening some rules which does not favour them.


For this reason, the number of people crossing has sky-rocked to 20,000 which was arrested in 2017 alone.

In which the trend continues in 2018 of about 10,000 already in reception just in 5 months.


Furthermore, the reason everyone seems to be moving to Canada is because Canada receives very few Asylum Seekers, so happy to accept more people.


Which means they do not mind if more people come in to claim at the moment,

which ‘rule’ they may change as time goes by.


As soon as the Refugee get into Canada, they allow the Canadian police arrest them so they can immediately claim Asylum.


The loophole is immediately such people claim asylum after the police have arrested them, Canada has to process their asylum claim.


So, this is part of the reason people cross Roxham Road, as the resident living along the road have received quite a large number of asylum seekers seeking better life.


Finally, I can say Canadian people are such lovely people, with open arm.

This all I can get for you here.

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